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Small behaviors to drop now!

Are there some small behaviors that you see in other people that you really hate? Well, we all do, however we too also have some behaviors others do not like about us.  You come across people with not so cool behaviors every single day. We too carry on with behaviors that others find disgusting. It happens all the time, we blush them or laugh them off and deep down we know they need to be let go.

They may look small but they go along way and could spoil your character, reputation that you work so hard to maintain. still, some may affect your personal goals.

I therefore came up with a list, I am sure there is a whole bunch of small behaviors people potray mostly in public that can be added here, but I want to share with you the following;

  • Not apologizing when you are wrong
  • Talking loudly on your mobile phone in public space
  • Chewing gum loudly and especially while speaking
  • Listening to music on speaker in a public space
  • Threatening to call the police
  • Calling people names and insults especially when they disagree with you
  • Kicking a dog or a cat especially in the streets
  • Spitting in public
  • Interrupting someone while he/she is speaking
  • Constantly keeping on checking your mobile phone while you are holding a conversation.
  • Wearing your pants under/below your waist
  • Cutting in the queue
  • Talking down on people as well as discussing people
  • Not giving your seat either in a queue or in a bus to your seniors or persons with special needs
  • Coughing and not bothering to cover your mouth
  • Not bothering to hold the door for someone behind you
  • Acting and behaving as if you know everything under the sun and the other do not
  • While walking together, Walking away from someone who just stopped to tie his/her shoe laces or trying to pick something that has fallen.

Which other behaviors peopel need to drop, please share and also, which one will you drop? I personally need to start holding the door for the person behind and being careful with my phone when I am ahaving a conversation with other people.

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