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“Attention Economy”, Who pays the Price?

In 21st century, technology has presented not only more possibilities for distributing marketing messages, but also a variety of means for creating such messages as well.

Today’s marketing staffs can use a variety of gears to augment communications through graphics, sound, and motion. Low-priced video cameras and mobile phone with HD cameras mean marketers can create DIY videos to circulate through websites and social media channels. However, be careful, as the overall quality of all these products and the messages need to be consistent.

Companies are facing stiff competition and we have seen a rise in scrabble for consumer’s attention by using all manner of marketing gimmicks.  “ATTENTION ECONOMY” has risen where companies battle for consumers (Read ‘my’) attention. The more content we indulge on, the more cash these businesses make.

How do they do it? They want to have us attached to our mobile phones and laptops all day. The attitude of the common good and community first is eclipsed and silenced by desire for profits, they want us to watch more videos, click on more luring headlines, and share it with our networks on our social sites. End result, individualized individuals, lack of belonging, weak social ties, depression just to name a few.

My take, do not be caught up, if you do not know what you want, marketers will help you and you will pay the price.

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