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Month: November 2019

Heresy: Faith that care less about Religion but Disrupts

Religion is the set of rules created to maximize the chances that you will do what the manager wants you to do. A heretic is someone who has faith but could care less about religion.” Fear of breaking the rules keep you on the periphery other than jumping on the arena, you remain a spectator.

When in doubt, default to gratitude.

Study shows that people who are grateful tend to show higher levels of well-being and happiness. They feel better about themselves and their lives, and improved mental health

Magical Zip Lining Across the Kereita Forest!

I assumed Zip lining is a plug and play kind of affair but it turns out that you require some training on how to go about it, actually you sign a waiver. Of course, a trained professional explains risks involved and how a wrong calculated move can cost your life.