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Common Sense Or Logic; What’s More Important ?

You know the type of people who don’t know how to do simple things, and they want your help for everything! Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone had a bit of both? Common sense and logic? The best of both worlds!

What is the difference? And which quality is paramount?

Logic is more of a thought process, using reason based on facts to arrive at a conclusion. Logic can be used to figure out complex ideas where the solution isn’t immediately clear.

Common sense is more ability to view reality. It is looking at something and reaching a conclusion thatshouldbe clear to everyone but often isn’t. Most of the time common sense relates to understanding consequences for an action. For example, looking both ways before crossing the street, or not touching a pot of boiling water.

I recently had an appointment with a nurse for a blood test. The lady was quite confused as she couldn’t see on my notes what she was meant to be testing for. So I explained, and basically repeated what the doctor told me to do a couple months ago. As I finished some…

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