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Uncertainity and Aims so hard to Reach. Just Tweak!

I am a believer in the power of having clear goals for your life and business. Goals have great influence and helps you remain focused helping expedite the achievement of a desirable future. Having said this, I understand how challenging it can be to work toward the set goals. This is why I have been writing so much on goals, how to keep organizing yourself to achieve them.

I have had the chance of interacting with a couple of people working on goals and I have witnessed most of them giving up on their goals or not being committed enough to achieve their goals. These same people turn to be skeptical about goal setting and may end up discouraging others in setting goals; I set goals but I never achieve any one of them… may as well be wasting time…there goes a discouragement.

Being a believer in the power of goals, I am obviously curious what makes some people achieve their goals while others find it hard. I have discovered that many factors are in play when it comes to goal achievement. It is one thing to set a goal and yet another to achieve the set goal. We have, then a challenge as we plan on goals to check within us what else could stand in the way of taking steps toward accomplishing the goals.

Borneo and the Monkey business

Let me share one common challenge many people experience in their goal pursuit. The inspiration is by a certain community by name Borneo. To keep off the monkeys from destroying their crops, they have learned a very worthwhile trick, which is a big lesson we can all learn from. Borneo hunters have learnt that monkeys will not let go of a nut once they have one in their hand. With this in mind, the hunters hollow out coconut shells and leave a small hole in them. They place a nut inside the shell. They tie a string to the coconut and the hunter hides along the length of the string and hide.

The monkeys come along, see the nut, put their hand in the shell and grasp the nut. When the monkeys take hold of the nut, their hand becomes a fist. The hole in the coconut is large enough for a flat hand to get into. However, the hole is too small for a fist to come out from it. The monkey will not let go of the nut, so their fist remains stuck in the coconut. Gradually, the hunters pull the coconut towards themselves. The monkey does not let go and it is get caught.

A monkey business, goal trick

What is lesson from the Borneo hunters trick?

It is the unwillingness to change behavior that lead to the capture of the monkey. In life, there is a tendency to hold on to fixed ways of thinking and set rituals. This may be acceptable when you want a predictable outcome in a predictable environment. However, this option does not apply when the person themselves wishes to change or the environment he is part of changes.

Human beings like knowing what to expect next, we are wired that way. We know that on Sunday we are going to wake up and go to church, visit a friend, sleep all day, and maybe watch a movie with family. We feel at ease knowing that we have something to look forward to next. When this control is lost, it results in a feeling of discomfort, being anxious, afraid and it can tear us open.

Think of a moment when you tried something fresh or encountered new people and they became an important part of your life. It is because you went past your fear of uncertainty, took a risk and boom, they are now a great part of your life. Understand that not all risks result in negative results. Actually, all the risks you have taken up to this far have brought all those good things and even people into your life that you value today.

What do I do now?

Think about your goals, analyze your fears; what you are afraid of, most of the things you have to do require a trade-in. You must then be prepared to give in and give up some behaviors, some mindsets and beliefs. Dropping these behaviors will accelerate you toward achieving the goals. You see what haunts the monkey; the reluctance and fear of losing the nut! So consider the payoff, for the monkey, automatically the payoff is that it saves its life.

I believe this helps you as you courageously pursue your goals. My hope is that you find it worth your while. Let go off some stuff, become flexible. Think of new ways to achieve your goals. Tweak a little bit until you get what you set forth your eyes.

Feel free to share what is decelerating you in pursuit of your goals in the comment section below and share with someone you think will benefit from reading this.

Thank you


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