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Spirituality or Religion; Maybe, I still believe in God!?

Personally, whenever I think of religion or religious people, I think of a bunch of rigid rules, a list that tells you what to do and what not to do. I think of the church, the mosque or the temples. I think of heaven and hell. I think of going to church every Thursday, or Friday or Saturday or Sunday……

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Looking back, I guess it started when I visited my uncle this one Sunday. I was with my family: my parents, my siblings and some of my other aunts. We had the late Sunday lunch, shared stories at the top of our voices, laughed at all dad jokes and all funny jokes and we even watched an Arsenal game. Then when we were about to leave at around six in the evening, my uncle asked us (mostly my parents) if he could share the word (read the Bible) to us.

I no longer believe in the Bible, or at least I thought so that evening, so as I watched him send my cousin Becky to get their Family Bible (yes, some people have that), I prepared myself to zone out and well…not listen.

But then Becky came back with the Bible, everyone put their phones and laptops aside, the game…

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