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My story and Why I love working with Young People.

Either you are about to get into a crisis, undergoing one or recovering from one.

When I turned 24, I felt as though life had not so far begun. Life had been this roller-coaster ride oscillating between sweet brief hours of bare truth, long winding, and should I add boring moments of routine mysteries especially after I completed my high school education at 18, impressionable and naïve. Little did I know there would come unprecedented dark period for a couple of years in my life. I felt as though I was in a crisis. After some time, the crisis helped me figure out to stop living a lie and start living the LIFE

Having been brought up in a relatively humble background, I had looked forward to turning the scales right side up. I went ahead and documented my plans or should I say aspirations committing to an exemplary, enviable life in the then immediate, progressive and ultimate stages of my life. These were deep, soul-searched, heart-rending, life changing, visionary and moving visions. Breaking all odds, I envisioned having a well paying job in the development field by 21, marrying a beautiful girl by age 24, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro; being a millionaire legally and ethically and having a PHD in philosophical studies by age 30 and a myriad of other goals of varying magnitudes, who doesnt have such desires?

Nothing was going to stop me. I committed these plans to the Lord and stepped out in pursuit of the same. I knew God was on my side-or isn’t that what the scripture connotes? And with my likable personality and sweet spirit, I knew challenges would come and go with the near and dear ones to propel me forward.

Of course I did the noble thing and armed myself with the truth of the word of God trusting all was going to be just as I had anticipated….and guess what? For the first couple of years, 3 years to be precise, I seemed to be moving closer to the realization of these targets, until I began to take an alternative route; making all mistakes a young man would  make.

There is a scripture reading that says the heart is the most deceitful thing; oh yeah, I could identify with that since I got so corrupt even when I was unable to be at par with ‘set’ expectations; most times I managed to pull-off remarkable fetes but in other instances I burnt my fingers. I have come to learn that first you deceive yourself, and then you deceive others. This is the life that I cannot continue living, because it is not life.

My story as I have come to learn lately is not so unique. Many of us want to achieve something and once the horizon seems like it is not near attainment, we want to do anything, and deceive ourselves and those around us that we are with it. It is sad, depressing and not how you want your life to live.

As I bumbled along in life, it came to a point of questioning myself and my life. I came across some coaching which helped me develop spiritually and connect with my eternal purpose. I needed to help others reach their future by supporting them achieve their goals. Coaching helped me transform my life and now I support others in transforming theirs. Coaching taught me how to listen and communicate effectively. Everything was not lost, life is different now and I am on the right path pursuing my goals and those of my family. My life is not a lie anymore!

I believe so many young people and students are candidates for success, but many do not qualify to be successful. The main reason I choose to work with Young people is to help them reach the hidden ideas of crafting a successful life and to introduce practical ways one can model a life they will love and avoid life’s lies.

My work with young people has become profound. Young people are discovering possibilities for their life and career and are working on them.

Discover more how we support Young People here

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