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Behaviour refinement through Imagining possibilities.

“A successful life is being happy and useful” – Dalai Lama. What is a successful living for you?

We all want to live a successful life, a life we would want to feel proud living; Life where we feel valuable and useful living our dreams.  We toil day in day out and do all sort of things to help us reach our goals. This is everyone’s focus and dream, but how come very few of us manage to live a successful life? I have developed so much curiosity trying to understand the missing ingredients and other factors that make one successful. Education is the key factor that leads to people leading a successful life but I have also observed well educated people living in apathy and what can be termed as unsuccessful.

I have always believed that so many people are candidates for success but so many do not qualify to be successful.  I want to introduce you to coaching, a tool that is very efficient and effective in provoking action toward success in people as well as organizations. Coaching Young People For Success is a program designed to assist young people develop pathway plans for their life, career and school performance. This program combines ideas from positive psychology and coaching to maximize on potential for positive action. My work with young people has become profound and young people are discovering possibilities for their life and I am supporting them to take action and remain focused. (More Information coming soon on how CYPFS can have an impact on Young people behavior and performance).

I am a believer of coaching as a tool to evoke success due to its unique flavor, let us first define what it is;  Coaching is partnership with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential – ICF. It is also a strategic and collaborative process to help young people develop strategy and collaborate with them to do that in finding direction and overcome obstacles and creating an exciting vision for their life, career and school performance. –Life Business, Australia.

Coaching Young People for Success uses the P.O.W.E.R model to help young people develop pathway plans and I am going to discuss the first initial in the POWER model; Possibilities.

Growing up I had all these imaginations of the things I wanted to have, the work I wanted to have and even today I imagine the future for my family and career.

Possibilities are everywhere, I have witnessed athletes breaking kept records and on follow up they admit they anticipated themselves winning and actually breaking the record, they even imagined the celebrations thereafter. and so, do imaginations cause stuff happen? If you have been asking this question, yes it does. It is called using the power of visualization. Visualization and Imagining possibilities are not wishful thinking rather it is working with focus toward something tangible. A big picture in your mind that fuels your passions.

The first thing we discuss with young people is on imagining possibilities for their life, career and school performance; more recently imagining how they want their highschool experience to be. I often ask and assist the Young People answer the following questions;

  1. Write a statement describing your ideal life. For example: I want to be married, have kids, have lots of friends and get a job that pays well. I want to work outdoors, play sports and make a difference in my community.
  2. Write down your career possibilities. (What type of career do you hope to pursue)
  3. How do you want your life to be? My real life versus my ideal life.
  4. What do you want to achieve? My main purpose for doing well in school is? My current school performance versus desired performance.

Some of these questions takes the young person five to ten years in the future and imagine how they want to lead their life at that particular time and thus quicken them to start preparing for it.

To fuel possibilities having hope is fundamental in leading a successful life; let me break it down for you.

The first step is writing a vision, this is having a hope for the future, exploring pictures of the future. When you have a vision, it generates hope. Hope acts as fuel or what I would call inspiration to act. At this point you become unstoppable, you develop the will to break all the odds.You take action, it does not matter the size of the action even the baby steps matters here.

Are you imagining possibilities for your life?


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