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7 Pointers to Help You Unleash Your Potential.

Potential generally refers to a current unrealized ability, it is a complete make up of our being, often dormant and we ought to work and develop it. Everything and everyone has a potential for something. Potential may be the same or different but unique for everyone. It is therefore important that you do not waste your energy and time striving trying to outshine everyone.

In this article, we will be looking at seven pointers that can help you actualize your potential. Let us look at them one by one.


As ealier said, everything and everyone has a potential. No one is created void without having nothing to offer. God has created each one of us with much potential whether with disability or not, educated or not educated, raised in rich family or raised in a resource-deprived environment. Actually, the statement disability is not inability is true because we all can do something. Therefore, the key to kick starting your potential is finding out what you are able to do best. You will hear people say statements like “you have too much potential, work hard and you will realize it. This is an indicator that you have something embedded inside of you.


John F. Kennedy once said,” “things don’t just happen, they are made to happen”. You therefore have to make some wise decisions about strategies, programs and policies that will ensure you grow and become. If you desire something should happen, work it out yourself. You are the bearer.


If you ask me, where many people go wrong in their pursuit of their success is with their lack of patience. Majority of people want instant gratification. The truth of the matter is that great things take time. Time is a key factor that will cause you to begin seeing results, get better at it and this will make you more confident at what you do. Any successful person will agree that despite life challenges (resistance, cost, investment or setbacks) you must rise above your circumstances to achieve success. You have to keep going no matter what. Do not worry about how long it takes because when God is involved there is a guarantee of success. There is always light at end of the tunnel.


Do not try be who you are not. There are people who have already achieved many things, have brands and have made a name for themselves. Most times people who are beginning to develop their potential often experience inferiority complex and feel insignificant, this s so when you start comparing yourself with others’ successes. Be reminded that you cannot be everyone else. You need to understand that you are the best version of yourself; you are born you with unique abilities, gifts and talents. Therefore, you need to be self-motivated, believe in yourself, this is the driving force of becoming. Low self-image and self-esteem kills dreams. You can become anything when you believe and when you are confident in yourself.


There is an African saying that says, “If you want to walk fast walk alone but if you want to go far walk with others”. Like-minded people are a great asset in moving towards your full potential, because they are able to correct, motivate, encourage and guide you towards your success. There is therefore need surround yourself with ambitious and positive people who will play a big role in your becoming. When buffaloes are in a gang, brave lion is unable to make a kill. This is the same principle; surround yourself with a team whose objectives are similar to yours. Read more about accountability partener by clicking here


When results begin to show sometimes we get excited and we want to stop at that. The world is advanced and no one will want something substandard, whether it was an idea, an invention or a gift. It has to be eye catching and convincing. Therefore, you have to work out your potential to the best it can be. You can never be the best at anything with only little effort. Excellence is a skill in itself, no matter what do it the best way you can. If you want to reach your full potential, seek for excellence.


Opportunity comes once in a man’s life; this is not a true statement. Opportunities are always round about us. Even if you miss out in a certain opportunity to display your potential there will always come another chance for you to shine. This is because God is not limited, however when an opportunity presents do not take chances but maximize it to the fullest, grab it and act on it, that would be the time you have been waiting to shoot your highest level of potential.

All the best as you work your way up. Keep Learning and Keep rising!

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