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Close to achieving your goals? Read these three skills that could accelerate you.

Has it ever sounded to you like your life and everything about it is heading south: your business or job is stagnant, your personal life appear fruitless and your health, both mental and physical, is neglected. You are not close to achieving your goals or fulfilling your potential, and you are unhappy as a result of all this. This can happen to almost everyone and thus you are not alone.

This does not have to be your life, you can turn it around, one step at a time. You can set yourself on a journey to better yourself. It will take a lot of hard work, a lot of boldness and a lot of discipline. If you keep going and believing in yourself and the potential hidden in you, you are going to make huge strides helping you achieve your treasured goals and achieve the best version of yourself.

I want to briefly share with you ideas of some 3 skills you might want to focus on to improve your life in the coming days and as the year progresses, they can help you reach your yearly objectives especially when it becomes hard to move on.

Emotional Intelligence

The word may have become familiar to you and it may not make a lot of sense, but when you understand what it entails you could start experiencing significant changes in your day to day life. It is a concept popularized by Daniel Goleman in his book Emotional Intelligence. You probably know persons who are really good at listening. No matter what kind of situation they are in, they know what to say and more importantly how to say it, this way they do not offend or annoy others. Understanding the other people’s emotions and how to respond to them is so crucial as it will determine how well you can work with such people and this ultimately could open doors to your goals.


Self-awareness is the ability to look inward, think deeply about your behavior, and consider how it aligns with your moral standards and values. When your behavior is out of alignment with your standards and perspectives, you feel disconnected and negative and when your behavior and values are aligned, you feel positive and self-confident. Discomfort and conflict within yourself can slow you down and may thwart your endeavors to move on.

In short trying to understand why you do what you do, what you can do better and what you are doing well could help you know where to focus your energy on.


Problems are everywhere and are at the epicenter of what many people do at their work every single day. Whether you’re solving a problem for a customer, supporting those who are solving problems or discovering new problems to work on, the problems you encounter can be simple or complex, how you go about the problems that come around you is very important. They will determine how motivated you are to pursue your goals. Being able to identify issues, find and evaluate different solutions and choose the most appropriate option could be the key to your breakthrough.

Wishing the best as you continue working on your goals. I hope the skills will come in handy.


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