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Status Quo & Fear: Why is it so hard to take the first action?

Lately I have been feeling so much expectant with ideas. I have listed so many initiatives I want to plug myself in to in the coming months and believing for a breakthrough. Although I am hesitant, it made me think why often we hesitate to take action and embrace status quo.

Do you remember the question about the three frogs that wanted to jump in a pool because it was getting hot? The question posed is, How many jumped into the pool? And the answer is, none! Why? They only wanted to, they never decided to jump! A friend of mine recently told me that ideas remain just as ideas until one decide to act on them.

I am really careful not to fill my mind with ideas that I’m not willing to act on rather I should put more effort into ideas that are actionable. The downside of having so many ideas is that they can be a source of frustration especially if you don’t make attempts to act, they could lead to disillusionment and negativity. They are energy drawers and cause of exhaustion.

So, what causes inaction?

One of the main cause of inaction is fear, mostly fear of failure and what people will think about you. How would you know you failed if you even didn’t try? What if you succeed when trying? You must learn to silence the negative self talk inside of you that try to show you that you will fail and you’ll be ashamed. Ask yourself, would you rather remain in your comfort zone or go out there and be adventurous? If you tried and made it through, how many lives will you have impacted?

Answering such questions could give you reasons why you should rise up and take action. A friend of mine told me he never stops until he has his daughters school fees in his account, he will wake up at 4 Am to ensure he makes a progress. This is, to him enough and compelling motivator to take action. What will compel you to take action, is it strong enough!

My final encouragement to you would be, until you act, you may never know how much success it would bring, you’d be shocked how much 20% success is!

What is your story? How did you overcome inaction?

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