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No job is as important than growing humans: Mother’s day and its essence.

It is that time of the year when the calendars are marked ‘Mother’s Day’ simply because of the outstanding impact they have upon humanity. Sarah, on her article, Devaluation of motherhood notes something that caught my attention as she wrote; “…after all, no job is as important than growing humans. The generation of tomorrow lays not in the hands of the politicians and policy makers, but in the arms of mothers. Motherhood matters, more than anybody would care to admit. We need to listen to their voices more and provide them with the means that they need to do their job, that means emotional and practical support”

Mother’s Day messages filled social media timelines yesterday displaying how immense our feeling for our mothers are. Nonetheless, you and me clearly knows that one day in a year is not enough to celebrate immeasurable contribution our mothers have made both in our personal lives and in our families.

If you insult your father or mother, your light will be snuffed out in total darkness. (Prov 20:20, NLT)

Sharing an excerpt of me and my mother; she bore an agonizing pain to have me delivered. She became my nurse, a tutor and my confidant, a comforter, a motivator……….  She dedicated herself to us and gave us what she afforded helping us endure what the future would bring. She became my father and my mother.

A new born baby is simply a land that need to be ploughed, a very novel ground, my mum tilled me.  Mum taught me to be tough through the turbulence, she taught me to raft in the tides of life. She fed me lots of useful nuggets, her words might have sounded as a repetitive noise but they pierced through my heart and today they are carvings of her in my heart. Her payers, I must admit have made me stand upright even in the so trying times. And we can all admit to this.

During the illness of my mum, I began to appreciate how immeasurably she had taken care of me in times of my helplessness. What was troubling me most was the fact that she might have felt bad that she was a ‘trouble’ to us. Shouldn’t she simply have expected that debt of gratitude from me?

Having said all this, the only priceless thing we can give our mothers is honor and loyalty.  In the bible, when Naomi lost her husband, Ruth stayed with her, a sign of honor. Ruth’s kindness and loyalty for Naomi was rewarded by God and not only were her days many in the land, but the Christ came from her lineage. The prayers made by our moms and grandmas in our lives passes down blessings and favor to us. 

We can all share our stories about our mothers, it can get deep, the chronicles can sweep us away and we might become emotional. That is why we do not play around with motherhood, that is why you cannot just mention the names of our mothers just anyhow. They are incredible and cannot be substituted.

If you are a mother, and ever feel like you are not enough, remember that to some persons, you are the whole lot. Women are creators of heaven on earth, partners with God in His work.

What impact has your mother had? I will appreciate your thoughts on the comment section below.


  1. My mother is the one person who can take the positions of all others in my life yet not one of them can take her place! And like I jokingly said, Alinihudumia bila namba. Nani Kama Mama. Long live Momma. Dedicated to my only true love in this world, Joyce Muloki

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