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Drifting on your goals: what you need to do.

Do you crash into something you ought to have done days ago and you have not? or you realize some days have gone by and yet you have forgotten to complete some essential tasks? Does it make you feel bad or remorseful?
Mine is skipping to read ‘My Toddler this week’ email by Baby Centre, it makes me feel as if I am irresponsible father who is not monitoring her daughter growth milestones. It can feel bad, and that’s all I know.
So many of us have such instances, when you realize that you have eaten so much junk and you had set a goal on being mindful of your health, postponing to join part time classes for that professional course and now Q1 is gone, calling that friend or re-establishing a relationship. You can go on and on to list many instances or scenarios.
Drifting on your goals occur when the gap between a goal and the actual performance is reduced by lowering the goal or not giving it the necessary attention, e.g. reducing gym sessions from 5 to 2. The gradual lowering of the goals is never apparent until the decreasing performance reduce so low that it produces a crisis, goals becoming unachievable.
To counter this, you either increase your efforts and tackling barriers that prevents you get closer to your goal and or reduce the goals to make it more attainable.
So, what is it that makes you feel remorseful or guilty when you realize you are not doing it? What is your strategy to get back on track?
Would appreciate your comments below

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