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When it’s hard to make significant progress: Which behavior to drop?

I am writing this while in the bus headed to the office and my spirit drew my attention to some of the things that I ought to have done and I have failed to or I am struggling to. Not because I have given up on them but time just goes without significant progress, it’s mark-timing!

And I am asking myself, which behavior is this that I need to drop that will enhance my ability to take actions to the things I have set to pursue?

I need to avoid the temptation to oversleep and create some more time for myself and reduce the time I spend on the phone browsing through to engage in something more valuable like reading a book or writing, whatever it is that need to happen for progress to be realized need to be considered.

So, which is that behavior that you need to drop? However small, me and you know it’s coming on your way to achieve your daily objectives.


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