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Tides rise and fall: The big mistake most people make when they stumble and fall.

How long do you keep analyzing your low moments?  Thinking why me?  Do you spend your energy and precious time trying to clear your blind spots at the expense of your blueprints?

The pathway to a fulfilling life is often marred with difficulties and especially for those who chose to navigate through a seemingly novel paths and have to fight their way up. Paths only a few dare walk through.

I take a look at my life; Ten years ago, my novel mind was filled with thoughts of a bright near future, and this future was not very far! It seemed then. I did not presume any obstacles or miscalculations. So much have happened in my life; some thrusting me up while others bringing me down.

Things are not as I had anticipated, but I have stopped woolgathering and have gotten more serious, more specific and more realistic. This is what I have gained so far; I am more real, I allow myself to be vulnerable and appreciate my shortfalls. More importantly, I know how to pick up my broken pieces.

For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? – Romans 8:28

We all fall victim of circumstances, we stubble and fall.  The strong in heart stand and move on. Majority of us make a BIG mistake here: we start focusing on what made us fall, we lay still on that fallen state, that becomes now the BIG mistake because we tell our mind that we fell and can’t help it! We start doubting our abilities, we sink deeper and the strength to rise fades away. We end up looking at life as unforgiving and horrible.

We fail to realize that after falling or when stuff do not work as we had anticipated, we still have enough endurance within each one of us to rise and walk again. When we stop listening to that small voice of hope within us we start the blame game. We start looking at our blind spots, we blame ourselves and our circumstances. Without awareness, we completely strangle our uniqueness and get broken it into pieces.

Tides in the ocean fall and rise at some specific times of a day, and similarly how our life is. Picture this, when you are near an ocean you actually admire the tides, you watch the tides rise and fall. When the tides fall, you go out and collect the sea shells, you also breathe in and admire the calmness to extent that you want to swim and take a sand bath. It’s awesome and good feel!

View your life as such… When the tides are high in your life appreciate and learn from them, when they are low pick up the shells and savor the moment. Do not give in to life’s unfavorable moments. Do not let the blind spots in your life ruin the blue prints of your life.

I would love to hear your story, what has worked for you?

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