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Lesson about life learnt from my one year old daughter.

By far the most astonishing opportunity for growth has come from my one-year-old daughter and how much she has taught me within that period. It’s amazing how a child, such an age, without any intentions of their own, can aid you to see life from a different perspective, help you learn and become more aware of the world around you.

Mat 19
“Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Nera is never concerned about what the world thinks about her. She does not stay up at night worrying about bills, jobs, work emails or Facebook statuses. She knows that she is loved. And in that love, she lives securely, pleased to be her charming little self.

The freedom for my daughter to run around in open space, discovering new objects, plants or small insects, or just playing with water on her face, she very well connects with her surroundings. It slows the rhythm of the day and allows her to explore and learn.

When Nera interrupts me, I can regard it as an interruption to my calm ‘me time’ or I can be present, and there is then only her and me. I can appreciate her for who she is, and be grateful I had such a moment with her.

Obsession with the past and the future hinders us from giving our full attention to the present moment unlike Nera whose focus is now, she enjoys and hums as she plays with her toys and my keys. She gets inquisitive (You’d expect that at her age) and finds fun in her own little world.

So, next time you feel unhappy, bored and losing the hang of it, when your brains acts as a lizard, want to check the comments on your social media outlet, wanting to know the trending news, dishes to take care of, Laundry to work on, school fees to clear; you know how your own monkey mind jumps from one tree to the other, join Nera and I, stay still and enjoy your present moment, savor every little thing around you because all this worries make you have an unhappy and unproductive days.

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