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Love: An idea of what you can do this Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is in the Christmas holiday mood. I mean everyone, those who celebrate and even those who do not, thosewho even do not know its meaning!

Businesses are trying to make last sales and satisfy all orders before closing doors, folks have started packing for upcountry and couples are all over searching and booking for holiday spots. Am not sure wehave back packers hiking and climbing mountains this time of the year, am notsure.

What is outstanding and what is collective is that people celebrate and show love around this season (I mean we scale it up more, this doesn’t disqualify the fact that we ought to show love every single day throughout the year, and most of us actually do).

Spread love: Even in its simplest form

We visit our parents to let them know how important they are,relatives come from far, meet up at grandpa’s place and reminisce old days as they laugh out their hearts loud, many visit children homes to surprise and play games with them, others reach out to the imprisoned to share and encourage while many others spend time with their spouses and children just to let them know how treasurable they are.

There is no remedy for love but to love more. – Thoreau

I mean, it is a season to highlight love, to understand its uniqueness and more importantly to let others know we love them, simply because that is who we are.

The season would be meaningless if only we become selfish and only mind and show love to ourselves only, it become more meaningful when we spread it, no matter even in the smallest possible ways.

And you know what, we find love mostly in the unlikely places, so you never know what could find!

Have fun as you spread love this Christmas season!

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