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Freedom: When it become too familiar!

It is Jamhuri today and everyone in Nairobi is on an outing mood!

Who hates a day off from normal work? A day when you have chances ofmeeting up with old buddies and have that longed for Nyama choma, enjoy a coffee date that has been postponed twelve times since January because of busyness, spoil yourself with all the junkies after restraining yourself because weight was in your 2018 agenda and the year is almost over and kids laugh out their hearts on a bouncing castle and more importantly a day when we meet up our folks in the upcountry or in the neighborhood. Did I forget it is also a day when we sound check the home theatre for that epic surround,and sort those movies we have stacked on the shelves and haven’t watched? And for a Christian like me, it is a day to journal that dream and do some wisdom search from the bible! For those who work on such a day, I often do! You keep the engine running and for that simple big reason, you are a hero and all heroes are free!

Lest we Forget

Whatever you purpose to do today, make it epic and memorable…celebrate the reminder of freedom.

I mean, a day like Jamhuri is just a perfect day to indulge,to interact as well as grow! But hey, isn’t it possible to spend it away and forget what it is all about? After all, do we even care? But you know what, theMau Mau and the likes fought passionately for the Jamhuri! Freedom, am told (i have learnt) it is priceless.

Every day we walk out and about to safeguard our freedom, it is scary to loose freedom, very scary! Any sort of freedom. It is dreadful!

As you do what frees and energizes you, mind your freedom and also, more importantly the freedom of your friends and people close to you!It is priceless.

Have a free day

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