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Choose gratitude today


Three years ago I took up a five days of gratitude challenge where I had to write three things I’m grateful for in my life for five consecutive days. It was indeed a challenge which I took up successfully and which really impacted me. (I’d challenge you to do the same)

Some of the greatest scriptures admonish us to be joyful and go about our daily business with gratitude and thanksgiving, In today economy where so much calls for our attention, it is so easy to forget to be grateful especially for what has actually happened in our lives (and what is happening) but focus on unmet needs and unfulfilled goals.

Having said this,don’t be the ungrateful chap, I urge you to just dive in and shut out everything you feel is undone and for a moment think about all that you have accomplished, yes, it is so much, (just think about where you’ve come from, if you’re are in my school which didn’t have shoes to go to school on, you clearly understand what I mean) take a deep breath and breath out a sigh of relief, design a dance move and let your body run free as you celebrate, care less about the onlookers!

The feeling is awesome! I promise you, you’ll walk about your business shoulders high. I was told,and I can confidently tell someone that whatever you want in your life is a gratitude away!

Forget what you don’t have, it’ll come but choose to be grateful today.

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