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Gratitude Day #5 Hurrah!

Gratitude Day #5


I have come to the end of my 5 days of gratitude. Thanks to Juliet for her awesome challenge. I have done some other challenges like 90 day goal challenge but nothing can match the excitement and joy the #5 days of gratitude challenge generates. I believe you have made some progress if you started with me or whether you joined in on the way. If you are checking here for your first time you are welcome so feel comfortable and   join in.

My attitude has changed after realizing the so many things that are working for me. In my prayers, instead of asking n asking am more of Thank you, thank you God even when some other areas of my life seem not to work because e I have realized I have more to be thankful than I need to ask for. I have more than enough to be thankful for.

Here are my 3 things am grateful for;

  1. Today I am thankful for my family, a distinctive family that nurtures me spiritually and help me in my journey of building my character. At Uzima Center I get all I need to nourish my spirituality, from the spiritual authority to the entire congregation the feeling is just but wholesomeness. I have learnt that faith is what I need to go through this life; with it the devil is so much disturbed and intimidated, I have learnt also that being Judgmental is a fruit of unrighteousness. I pick so much to arm myself, to help me live boldly and wisely. It is a place I can serve and be part of other people lives, where I feel valued, accepted and needed. I am so grateful for this.
  2. Am so grateful for my Life Experiences, I am wise. Do you know it will take 25+ years for someone to be born from today on this planet to experience what life has thrown on me? I am wise, I have experienced some love (yes some love), heart beaks, loss and even sorrow. I have gone to college, worked in an office, worked with aged people, interacted with different cultures, made and lost friends. I have seen deaths and have seen lives, kids growing and going to school. Some people call me seeking opinions and this blows my mind because I think am too young finding my way. This is loads of experience; I am wise and am grateful for all of this.
  3. Am grateful for my life, without which am not able to enjoy and be grateful for all the other things. I learn about life, to nurture and protect it. I am alive, healthy and inspired. If I cannot be grateful for the gift of life, the breath of life, the beauty of life itself then I am missing on what to be grateful for.

I have developed some energy and I can now write daily on areas am grateful for. If you have been doing it am sure you can confess and say it is rejuvenating. I have committed myself to be writing daily on my notepad the things am grateful for because I want to appreciate and enjoy every bit of what is working in my life.

Join in and let us see what would happen if all of us are grateful for the things we have. Feel free to share on the comments section.

Ciaooo!!! And best of luck

With love xxx


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