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Gratitude Day #4

Gratitude Day #4


Today is the fourth day of gratitude, awesome! I cannot stop to think how much blessed I am. Have you realized that it is very easy to find out the things you can be grateful for? Do not look far or think so hard….for example your eyesight and knowledge of languages that enables you to read this article is something to be grateful for!

Here are my 3 areas I am grateful for today.

I do not like having enemies, I try my best to remain at peace with my friends and acquaintances. It is a shocker to realize that there are people who do not like me even after all my efforts. You cannot imagine how grateful I am for all those who do not like me simply because they remind me that I have values and opinions so strong in me that I can actually sacrifice your likability for me at the expense of standing by them. Do I have to follow a herd or the popular view to be liked? No way! And am grateful for that.
How many people in the planet earth who know not where their next meal will come from? So many people indeed. Knowing where my next meal is coming from is something I am grateful for.
Life offers us little pleasures like crushes that remind you that humans are always seeking to love and be loved. Either at work or in the streets and even in the neighborhoods, beautiful people are all around. Am so grateful. They remind me the essence of life which is love.

What have you learnt from writing down things you are grateful for? What is your experience. If you have been exercising gratitude lets share on the comments section, I will be waiting. If you are reading this article for the first time or you are hearing it for the first time, join in and lets share our thoughts.

Wishing you the best in your gratitude journey.

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