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Gratitude Day #3. Just Do it!

Gratitude Day #3

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Hey there!

If you have been with me for the last two days you know what we are up to for five days, if not you have no reason to worry so just join in. Today is the third day of gratitude and it is getting even better.

 In one of his audios Zig Ziglar reminds me that you cannot rise above of your words, in other words the level of your conversations. Personally  I want things to work for me, if not, get the best out of everything that happens to me because I do not want to be a victim of circumstances. For this reason I must then constantly and consistently remind myself what working for me and that I can be grateful for.

I recently watched Blood Diamond; a film depicting a country that is torn apart by the struggle between government loyalists and insurgent forces.  It also portrays many of the atrocities of that war, including the rebels’ amputation of people’s hands to discourage them from voting in upcoming elections. This brought to my number one thing am so grateful about;


  1. No matter the challenges we are facing as a country I cannot resist to admit that am grateful for the nation am living in. I love Kenya and I can’t imagine myself having been born in another country in the world. I love Nairobi and the Great Rift Valley scenery. One thing I am sure of is that we have a great nation endowed with beautiful generous people and a nation with great landscapes. I am so grateful about its people, we are resilient and we rise against all odds, we go ahead to support one another. This is evidenced during Kenya for Kenyans campaign and during the Westgate mall attack here in Nairobi in September. We stood up for each other and rose against our affiliations and backgrounds. I cannot be less grateful.
  2. Two weeks ago, an activist called me with a special case. A boy aged nine was going through so much, one being that he was not attending school after losing her mum. He wanted confirm if I can help so that the boy starts schooling. I felt humbled that I could help, the boy was admitted to school through my intervention, Although he attended the school for one week only after which  the school break for holiday I can’t wait to receive him on the next term. I am grateful that I could reach out and help
  3. I spoke to my grandmother yesterday, my aunt called me in the morning; our conversations are amazing. My grandmother pointed out that time is really running out fast, I instantly knew what she meant and so is my aunt when she asked me why I have been so quiet, she insisted I continue being quiet!!! The beauty of it all is the warmth in our conversation that is devoid of hypocrisy. Am so grateful for having a grandmother and an Aunt I can openly share and make jokes with. If that is not something to cause someone to shout YOLO, then I don’t know what else one can be grateful for.

Wow! That is day #3

I am feeling in harmony within myself. I have realized how beautiful life is and am inviting you to the same feeling. In five days jot down 3 things you are grateful for and share how you feel on the process.

And Like Nike…Just Do It.





  1. Great post on Gratitude. I practice gratitude everyday by writing 10 things down that I am grateful for. There is a book called the Magic by Rhonda Byrne where we go thorugh 28 days of gratitude and it has helped me to appreciate everything that I have received in life.


  2. Thanks Ted, I am realizing how blessed I am by focusing on things am grateful for. In itself is a motivator. I will check out the book and I know I’ll find it useful. Thanks for stopping by and hoping to learn from you


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