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Gratitude Day #2

Gratitude Day #2

Gratitude (1)

On the second day I am feeling enthusiastic and determined as I dig deeper on the things I am grateful for. I still want to admit it is not easy but the more I focus the better the clarity; it is very easy to take for granted the small things that are working well and in favor to your life.

As I share my three thing I am grateful for today, I have now realized that you do not have to think so hard because they are so easy to pick, they are within your reach.

For example,

  1. I was writing this article using my phone; capturing my thoughts is so easy with a device that you can conveniently put in your pocket without causing unnecessary discomfort and carry it around. I update my blog using my phone; I read so many blog and news article all day; When am sleeping, boarding a bus to town and in the office. All I am saying is that I am so grateful for the privilege of the internet. It saves us time by getting instant feedback and makes the world appear to be like a small village.
  2. One of the bests place to live in this world is in the comfort of my room. It is the only place I can comfortably dance with my shorts on, pray and meditate, listen to jazz and music escapades. I know many people who share the rooms not because they love it but because they are not able to have their own place, they love quiet time alone but can’t have and others live on the streets. I am so grateful that I am able to have a place to stay, hide and rejuvenate.
  3. Yesterday I met an acquaintance who I have not met for some days. I later learned that he has been hospitalized with a kidney problem. He is younger than me and I couldn’t help but realize that I should be grateful for the health am enjoying. Later in the evening I was doing my laundry then started tidying up my room. I was feeling energetic and healthy and this made me feel good about myself.  I went ahead to challenge myself with doing press ups on the carpet. I managed 20 good press ups; I concluded am fit. To maintain this I prepared for myself steamed vegetables with red onions because even tomorrow I want to be grateful for my sustained health.

Today I feel blessed when I imagine how many more things I can be grateful for, am an honorable person indeed. I am inviting you to feel the same, start scribbling the things you are grateful for and let us share the good things the world offers. Check out my blog again tomorrow for my gratitude Day #3.

Stay blessed.

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