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Gratitude Day #1

gratitudeGratitude week day #1

I must admit that focusing and writing down the things am grateful for in my life is one real challenge! Not because there nothing to talk about, but most often it can be so hard to recognize those things that are working for us and that you can be grateful for. It is indeed easy to say the opposite; the things that are not working than it is to say what’s working.

I should appreciate my friend Juliet, (a trainer and a coach with aNDE Kenya) for this awesome challenge whereby am supposed to recognize and write, for five days three things am grateful for each day and also inviting my friends to the same challenge.

I had to put on the pure spirit relaxation escapade to focus.

  1. First, am grateful for an incredible circle of friends, though few they go beyond judging me using my flaws but accept me for whom I am. They do not look for the things I am not but appreciate me for the thing I am and I am becoming.
  2. My cognitive ability is one thing that I am greatly grateful for. Ability to face barriers with hope and boldness, think creatively about my life, the ability to create meaningful sentences and actually being able to know I have things to be grateful for is in itself something to be grateful.
  3. I am grateful for my job. I work for a company that developed trust with me and offered a chance to serve them with my skills. That is amazing! Being trusted. This trust enables me to clear my monthly bills and develop an attitude that the sky is only but the limit.

Wow, this is day one and am feeling at ease and other things am grateful for are flowing. I want to invite you too to the same challenge. Write 3 things you are grateful for each day for five days and on each day nominate three friends to the same gratitude challenge.

Have a grateful week


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