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Leadership. Discovering The Platinum Rule Prt 1

When people talk about leadership, what is it exactly do they mean? We can or I can come up with different definitions of leadership but they all boil down to three traits that every leader must have. This is to enable him or her carry out leadership roles and lead a successful team.

Whether you are in self employment or you are employee you will be required to show leadership role, understanding some leadership basics will  be the first stage before you can move on……………..

You can attempt to lead people without these traits but at least one or four things will eventually happen to you:

1)       You will be more miserable that you will burnout

2)       You will fail in completing your work

3)       Your team members will leave

4)       Your team will lose respect for you

So what are these traits? The first is the desire to lead, without it you will never be comfortable in a leader role. You will struggle with basics. If you do not burnout, you’ll find that work suffers and your team is frustrated- they may eventually leave-if you don’t first.

Are you sure you want to be a leader? If you are, then you already one step ahead.

The second trait is commitment to the mission and the vision of the organisation. Imagine trying to convince others to give their best in order to accomplish something that they do not believe in. that’s difficult, but trying to convert them in believing in the mission and vision of an organisation you do not believe in yourself? That’s simply impossible!

The third trait for every successful leader is integrity. Doing what you say you will do and behaving the way you expect your team t behave. That may sound simple enough, but if you can truly master integrity you will find that it changes your whole team for better.



You display integrity through sincerity, consistency and substance.

“The supreme quality of a leader is unquestionably integrity” – Dwight Eisenhower

To wrap up this, it would be vital to remind you that a leader is not same as a manager using the two interchangeably may bring confusion but if you apply the skills together it bears more results.

  • Management is skills you require to manage resources in order to deliver a task, product or service. I.e. supervisory, tactics, looks at the bottom line and plans how & when
  • Leadership skills you require to engage with, motivate and persuade people to buy in to a vision, objective or goal. I.e. influences positively, looks to the horizon, thinks strategy, thinks customer etc.


We manage asks

We lead people

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