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What a gift?? Everyday gift!!

Time is most valuable commodity we have, we can make more money but we cannot make more time but we can redeem our time. We are given a gift called today; you need to be responsible with this gift. Time is a resource that is very treacherous. We can make and become great if we choose to invest our time wisely. Everyday be grateful that you can hear the birds singing, that you can see the sun, that in the evening you can see the stars, you can even see your kids, and you have a chance to attend to a job. It’s a gift we are all given.

Imagine a bank offers to be depositing in your account US$ 86,400 in your account everyday with a condition that you must use all the money within 24hrs failure to which the money will be taken back! How much can you spend?

Every day we are given 86400 seconds ; We can choose to Invest  this  time by being positive, being grateful, being thankful, being passionate, being more focused, being hopeful, pursuing our goals, encouraging someone or you can waste it by being negative, disorganized, unhappy, discouraged or selfish.

Having such a perspective everyday helps us realize that there are some battles not worth fighting. You realize that you do not have resolve a conflict with everybody; that you do not have to respond to the critics. Understand that not everyone will like you, don’t convince or talk in to someone to like you. Some people do not want to be at peace with you. Redeem your time because time is limited. Be respectful and be kind through out the day and do not try to fix someone who cannot be fixed, there are some people that not matter what you do to them it will never be enough for them. Their happiness is not your responsibility.

You have talents and gifts; go off distraction and self pity. Do not lose your integrity and compromise. Be a giver and not a taker and you will increase.

Go to bed with peace everyday, don’t take baggage to bed, release all disappointments, hurts don’t sleep with unforgiveness and any thing blocking your sun, lay them down. When you wake up, in the morning have a purpose, redeem your time and do not be distracted by the phone calls, mail and people next to you. Do not go the day offended. Time is too short to live that way. Do not waste valuable days.

Again our time is limited do not waste, redeem it. Take an inventory about how you are spending your life; if only I took more time with my family, if only I was more careful choosing my friends wisely, if only I maximized my days. If only I had forgiven this person. Though you cannot do anything our past but we can do something today. Invest your time thinking what you can.

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