Ever spoken to yourself? What did you tell yourself?

I found myself talking and the person I was talking to is me. I took a mirror looked at myself and spent a great deal of time talking to myself, affirming the self. It’s a way to approve myself. I wanted to feel good about myself, Sometimes life can throw tantrums on your side and you become overwhelmed and the only thing you want is love, a person who can listen to you genuinely. But then, what if this type of a person doesn’t show up? My life then turns out to be unworthy and a living hell? Nooooooo!!!!! I simply ain’t to it.

Tell everyone you know: my happiness depends on me, so you are off the hook, and then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they are doing, practice feeling good no matter what. And before you know it you will not give anyone responsibility for the way you feel and then you will love them all, because the only reason you do not love them is because you are  using them as your excuse to not feel good.

-Esther hicks

What actually led me to this was the realization that the world owes us nothing and even the people in it. To get what you want then it means you must stop acting like a door mat; you must gain enough confidence and prove to the world you actually exist. You move out there and seek to stand out; no one else will do that for you. It’s a price you must pay.

We engage at the level of our self esteem. Our relationship is a direct reflection of our own self love and self worth. If you are not approving you brand no one else will. In any relationship two halves do not make a whole. It’s the whole YOU that completes a relationship that will work.

This means that if am not happy no one will make me happy, I am the only one to make a resolution to be happy. After all what will you give since that’s what makes relationships?

Our self worth= our net worth

Keep branding yourself, keep innovating…………stand out!!!


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  1. James this is really motivating…keep up the good work


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